Protection For Your Rooftop HVAC Kit




Preparing your building with an eye on the changing seasons makes a great deal of sense. After all, a little time spent now on inspection and a plant tune-up can save you a great deal of time down the line, especially if you are forced to deal with the catastrophic consequences of poor planning.

As autumn approaches, simple measures such as performing a roof inspection to check for loose tiles, shingle and flashings will lessen the chance of roof leaks and offer you peace of mind. It also pays to ensure gutters and downpipes are clear from debris so that they adequately drain water away.

This continues to be important as the season progresses and leaves begin to fall. After all, in cold weather, water in gutters can freeze and cause ice dams that damage the roof and lead to leaks.

Indeed, leaves and other airborne debris don’t only present big problems in gutters; other rooftop locations are affected too, including high velocity airflow HVAC plant and equipment such as air handling units, chillers, cooling towers and condensers.

Here, debris can clog filters and coils, leading to expensive maintenance or disruptive breakdowns, reducing flow rates and increasing energy consumption. One study found that, when condenser flow rate is reduced by 20 per cent in mechanical and absorption chillers, full load energy consumption is increased by 3 per cent.

Thankfully, there is a simple, elegant and effective answer to the problem – ECEX Air Intake Screens. This clever technology can increase the life of filters by up to 60 per cent, as well improving energy efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs by up to 75 per cent.

ECEX Air Intake Screens comprise an easily cleanable mesh acting as a pre-filter to prevent clogging on HVAC equipment.  They are constructed using a vinyl coating over a polyester fibre core. This not only makes them exceptionally durable, but also extremely long lasting; perfect for external use through inclement weather.

They offer a range of benefits including reducing coil treatment and cleaning costs, cutting energy consumption and lessening the requirement for cooling tower water treatment chemicals.

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