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Energy efficiency made easy: Condenser and evaporator coil maintenance, repair, replacement and protection.

If you’re a regular ECEX customer, there’s a strong chance that you’ve recently received one of our mailshots on coil repair, replacement, maintenance and protection. The key message: Failure of essential heat exchanger equipment could potentially bring your business to a halt. From the response it generated, there is no doubt that the issues related []

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7 reasons why no HVAC plant should be without ECEX Air Intake Screens

ECEX Air Intake Screens are a simple, retro-fitted filtered mesh, with a simple objective: Prevent airborne debris from entering your air intake system without negatively impacting airflow. The benefits of achieving such a simple objective might be greater than you first thought: 1) Reduce perishable filter costs Although the cost of internal air filters is []

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Air Intake Screen Installation: Major UK Laboratory

Brief: To reduce the strain and risk of breakdown of new Geoclima chiller units within the plant area caused by insects and feathers clogging coils. Work carried out: ECEX Air Intake Screens were installed to all four sides of the unit from top to bottom, preventing any insects and particles from being drawn into the system. The []

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5 Benefits of Commercial Insulation for Facilities and Building Managers

It’s that time of year again; temperatures are gradually decreasing and the autumn/winter months are drawing near. With plenty of time until the predictable cold snap hits in the New Year, this is the best part of the year to be thinking about the benefits of insulation on site.  1) Reduction in heat loss/gain In []

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