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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Two-pronged autumn attack on debris!

Forget about the spring clean; it’s all about the autumn AHU overhaul. Autumn days, beautiful colours, blustery winds spreading leaves far and wide, all adds-up to an HVAC nightmare! It’s time for your organisation to book an annual ‘tune up’ for your plant equipment and consider the measures that can be employed to keep it []

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No more clogged filters – see for yourself!

Now you can see for yourself the benefits of ECEX Air Intake Screens in an informative and educational video showing just how easy it is to install and maintain this technology. The video is available to view on our website homepage at At a click of a button, the brief overview demonstrates real-life applications, []

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Q&A with Randy Simmons

Randy Simmons is the President of Air Solutions Company, inventors and USA manufacturers of Air Intake Screens What were you doing before you worked for Air Solutions Company? Prior to Air Solution Company, I was in the document printing industry for approximately 25 years, working for several companies in North America. At the start of []

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Combatting Sick Building Syndrome with good air quality

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a common complaint in modern buildings – particularly of the office variety – causing building occupants to display a range of symptoms, including dry or itchy skin, eyes, nose or throats, headaches, lethargy and poor concentration. Bought on by a host of factors, such as poor lighting, bad room layout []

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