Why ECEX Air Intake Screens Make Solid Business Sense


What wouldn’t you give for a quality solution that prevents airborne debris from clogging internal coil fins, perishable filters and other components in the rooftop HVAC equipment you specify or install?

Well, you can achieve this simply by retrofitting special, made-to-measure screens to equipment including air handling units, air intake louvres, chillers, dry air coolers, condensing units and cooling towers, as well as to generator air intakes, intake plenums and other HVAC systems. There are a number of names for these – Cottonwood filter screens, RABScreens, and our own brand, ECEX Air Intake Screens.

The screens prevent airborne debris from entering HVAC equipment, maximising airflow to the equipment, which lowers running costs, reduces maintenance time for engineers and cuts energy consumption.

ECEX is the industry leader in Air Intake Screens, which comprise a long-lasting, filtered mesh that prevents airborne debris entering and damaging your HVAC equipment. The specially engineered filter is designed to enable operation of your equipment with exceptionally low impact on static pressure.

There are essentially two types of ECEX Air Intake Screens:

For pollen, leaves, feathers and most insects, it makes sense to choose a heavy-duty Air Intake Screen. For anything smaller than a mosquito — such as construction dust, road grit, etc. —a fine mesh Air Intake Screen is appropriate.

An ECEX Air Intake Screen can be completely cleaned in minutes, compared to cleaning coils, which is time consuming and can cause damage.

ECEX Air Intake Screens also make your equipment more efficient. By preventing debris from being drawn through the AHU onto the heating/frost coil, pre-filter media, panel or bag filters, air pressure drops, which lead to the fan motor working harder, are avoided.

And, with a 10-year warranty on the heavy-duty ECEX Air Intake Screen and a seven-year warranty on the fine mesh version, quality is ensured.

Some of the customers we’ve worked with include: RFU Twickenham Stadium, BBC HQ Broadcasting House, Westminster City Hall, University of Oxford and many data centres and laboratory sites.

They have gained several key business advantages including a filter life extended by up to 60% and maintenance requirements reduced by up to 75%. On top of this, benefits of ECEX Air Intake Screens include lower coil treatment and cleaning costs, energy consumption and cooling tower water treatment chemical requirements.

There are, meanwhile, a wide range of fixing methods available to suit each ECEX Air Intake Screen application including our unique PVC Track Mount system, Peel & Stick Twist Lock fasteners and Magna-Track™ magnetic fixing.

For more information about ECEX Air Intake Screens, visit: www.airintakescreens.co.uk