5 Benefits Of Commercial Insulation For Facilities And Building Managers

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It’s that time of year again; temperatures are gradually decreasing and the autumn/winter months are drawing near. With plenty of time until the predictable cold snap hits in the New Year, this is the best part of the year to be thinking about the benefits of insulation on site.

 1) Reduction in heat loss/gain

In the winter months, adequate insulation helps a building to keep its warmth, reducing the energy required in order to heat it (Likewise in the summer months when trying to keep a building cool.)

2) Personnel protection and comfort through surface temperature control

Insulation serves as a barrier between extremely hot pipework and on site operatives, significantly reducing the risk of injury through burns.

3) Insulation assists in controlling process temperatures

Restricting heat loss/gain in a system through the use of appropriate insulation can also help to control and monitor process temperature. This minimises temperature drops and allows the system to run more reliably at a pre-determined value.

4) Restricts condensation on cold surfaces

The installation of suitable insulation inhibits corrosion on cold water pipework and ductwork by controlling condensation. This is achieved by keeping the surface temperature above the condensation point, the point at which gases turn to drops of liquid.

5) Controls noise

Noise can often travel from one section of a building to another via pipework.  Acoustic insulation can prevent this noise transfer by dampening the pipe wall.


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