5 Common Access Issues That Should Be Addressed Immediately.

PlatformIn order for building engineers to carry out vital planned preventative maintenance (PPM) regimes, it’s imperative that access can be achieved safely, without placing them at risk of potential injury. 

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (as amended) state that: ‘You must ensure that the place where work is done at height (including the means of access) is safe and has features to prevent a fall (unless this would mean that it is not reasonably practicable for the worker to carry out the work safely).

We thought we’d share a collection of the more common and easy to rectify access issues that we routinely come across on site.

1) Chiller, dry air cooler and cooling tower access 

Access for routine maintenance and cleaning is often not considered with chillers, dry air coolers and cooling towers. These units can be extremely large, causing issues for engineers and potential fall risks. A fabricated platform and access ladder will easily fix this problem.

2) Riser access

Often very little consideration is given to safe access within risers and maintenance can be difficult, dangerous or impossible to carry out. The drop within a riser can often be significant, placing engineers at a great deal of risk. A simple GRP platform will enable safe access for engineers.

3) High level mechanical access

In an effort to utilise space in plant rooms, valves and other units are often situated at high level, above existing plant. We can design bespoke access platforms specific to each plant room requirement, allowing you to maximise the available space whilst keeping your engineers safe.

4) Water Tank Access

During water tank installation, very little consideration is usually given to the logistics of routine maintenance through access hatches situated on the top of the tank. Access ladders and guard rails are easily retro-fitted. However, water tanks are often situated within small plant rooms, too close to the ceiling to safely access. In this instance, we can install side access hatches to suit your requirement.

5) General plant and machinery access

Particularly in older buildings, but often in new buildings too, pipework and ductwork often clutters plant area creating trip hazards and access issues. Cladding and ductwork can become easily damaged by engineers climbing over it to reach other equipment. An safe access step-over or platform can help to protect your engineers and your plant.