7 Reasons Why No HVAC Plant Should Be Without ECEX Air Intake Screens

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ECEX Air Intake Screens are a simple, retro-fitted filtered mesh, with a simple objective: Prevent airborne debris from entering your air intake system without negatively impacting airflow. The benefits of achieving such a simple objective might be greater than you first thought:

1) Reduce perishable filter costs

Although the cost of internal air filters is relatively insubstantial, they still require replacement on a quarterly or six monthly basis. The cost over a number of years on a significant amount of air handling plant can therefore be a lot greater than you’d first think. Whether these costs are covered by the incumbent M&E contractor or paid for by the end client, reducing filter costs with a product that will last 10 years plus achieves a noticeable cost saving benefit and quickly pays for itself.

2) Reduce strain placed upon chiller units caused by clogging

Insects, leaves, fibres and pollen are all common issues for site managers. These airborne particulates gather and clog the coil fins, reducing the throughput of air. This means that the unit has to work harder to achieve its requisite airflow, increasing the risk of breakdown. Chiller downtime, whether on a critical data centre site or a non-critical office building, causes significant issues – If a temperature within a building isn’t satisfactory, employee efficiency can drop, costing a business money.

3) Increase serviceable plant life

Reducing the strain placed upon a unit not only minimises the risk of breakdown, it also means that it will inevitably last longer as it will be in better condition. Getting a better serviceable plant life out of the unit will allow extra time on life cycle plans, which means that the value-for-money return on the plant is far greater.

4) Maximise airflow efficiency and therefore energy efficiency

Because airborne debris is much easier to remove from an ECEX Air Intake Screen than from a perishable internal air filter or clogged coil, they can be cleaned more quickly. This means that when an ECEX Air Intake Screen is clogged and less air is able to pass through the filtered mesh, it can simply be brushed or hosed off. As a consequence, better airflow is achieved and the plant doesn’t have to work as hard in order to achieve the requisite airflow, saving you on energy costs.

5) Protect coils from exterior damage

Exposed coils are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged when knocked. The fins can be bent which causes airflow restrictions and again reduces efficiency. An ECEX Air Intake Screen reduces the possibility of it being knocked by careless passers by, or wayward pigeons.

6) Reduction in water treatment requirement on cooling towers

ECEX Air Intake Screens prevent micro-biological bacteria from entering a cooling tower system. By preventing such bacteria, less water treatment chemical is required. See our article in FM Magazine for more information: http://goo.gl/LwPJvn

7) Reduce maintenance time

Changing filters, cleaning coils, treating cooling towers…All common PPM tasks on site. By moving airborne debris to a more manageable position and catching it on an ECEX Air Intake Screen that can be cleaned using a soft brush, hose or vacuum, it takes a great deal less time to remove. If such filter changes, coil cleaning procedures and water treatment processes could be reduced, then maintenance engineers could be re-deployed to carry out other tasks around the building, making their time more productive on site.