A Great Example Of How Air Intake Screens Can Prevent Issues And Save Money! Case Study

The project

The frost coil in an air-handling unit for one of the University of Oxford’s laboratories had failed. It’s an issue we see time and time again – the coil was acting as the first line of defence against airborne debris. Units like these are often difficult and inaccessible to maintain, so after years of service, they become clogged, and eventually fail completely.

 The solution

Our experts attended the site for a detailed survey. The issue was quickly apparent but with no replacement parts on the market we had to reverse engineer the replacement coil, using the old one as a template. The client’s pressing time constraints made the project challenging, but our people came together to make it happen in record time. What’s more, we were able to install a heavy-duty commercial grade air intake screen to prevent the problem in future – all while saving them money in the process.

A great result!



 ECEX are the specialists for:

·        On and off-site repairs of all tube and fin heat exchangers

·        Manufacture of coils to existing pattern or bespoke new design

·        Advice and design service for coils

·        On and off site maintenance and cleaning

·        ECEX Air Intake Screens to prevent clogging of coils


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