A Return To Simplicity – Sustainable Growth After BREXIT



Brexit will lead to unrivalled and sustained prosperity as we break free from the economic and legal shackles imposed on us by Brussels. Brexit will kill the UK’s economy stone dead as the brightest and best people and companies desert our shores in droves.

The debate over the consequences of Britain leaving the European Union is polarised – it is seen by the UK’s movers and shakers either as an exceptionally intelligent move that will lead us into bright sunlit uplands, or as a horrifyingly idea that will devastate our businesses and result in economic carnage.

There is, it seems, no middle ground. But surely there should be. There is, after all, at least circumstantial evidence to support both sides of the argument.

For example, post-Brexit prosperity utopians point to the fact that the UK’s big regional cities report record construction levels, boosted by new transport links and the rise in popularity of city centre living.

Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Belfast have all seen a significant increase in development across a number of sectors, according to the latest regional Deloitte crane surveys, which track construction activity based on the number of cranes being used.

However, the detractors point to a new report from estate agent Savills warns that the Brexit vote will lead to a slump in office construction, with up to half of planned developments in central London likely to be postponed or scrapped in coming years.

And the uncertainty surrounding the terms of Britain’s departure from the EU will trigger another 30 to 40% decline across the country in the next five years, Savills forecasts.

Whether you side with the optimists or the pessimists, it is clear that, for sustainable growth, developers will need to think carefully about how to tackle future construction contracts to boost productivity. Simple solutions can kick-start construction activity because ‘simple’ in this context equates to fast to implement.

One example of simple technology that packs an environmental punch is our own ECEX Air Intake Screens. These are long lasting, weather resistant filters designed specifically for high velocity airflow applications such as chillers, dry air coolers, air handling units, cooling towers and air conditioning units. They prevent airborne debris from clogging internal coil fins, perishable filters and other components.

Not only do they improve energy efficiency, but they also reduce maintenance needs, and dramatically cut the risk of breakdown and downtime.

With long product warranties, these highly durable filters can be cleaned using a soft brush, hose or vacuum and significantly reduce onsite maintenance time and cleaning requirements.

Find out more about ECEX Air Intake Screens in our new video.