Air Filtration In Schools – Essential For Health

Source: Elliot Brown

A damning report recently published by Government claims that children in more than 1,000 schools are being exposed to dirty, unfiltered air, calling for a move to fit all of these schools with air filtration systems.

The report warned that no new schools should be built near areas with heavy traffic in order to protect children. For schools already in highly polluted locations, air filtration should be used to ‘protect children’s minds from toxic fumes’ MPs say.

Apart from schools, air filtration was also cited as important for hospitals and care homes, with these buildings also banned from being built near busy roads. The Government has been repeatedly criticised for failing to deal with harmful chemicals in the air that kill an estimated 29,000 people a year.

Air pollution on the rise
Fumes from factories and diesel cars have raised air pollution to dangerous levels in 16 British cities, leaving the country facing £300million in EU fines and legal action by the European Court of Justice. The problem was dramatically illustrated in April when a thick smog enveloped the country, forcing people to stop exercising and schools to keep pupils inside.

In a damning report, the Commons Environmental Audit select committee says the situation has become so bad that the design of our cities should be altered. The committee said buildings where there are lots of young, elderly or sick people should no longer be built in the most polluted sites.

Planning guidelines should be changed to ‘make it impossible’ to build schools, care homes or health centres near air pollution hotspots. Building regulations should also be changed, so that any school that already exists within 450 feet (150m) of a major road – of which there are more than 1,000 – has be fitted with air filtration systems to protect children from traffic fumes.

Financial incentives should also be introduced for environmentally friendly vehicles such as those running on gas, the committee said.

Air filtration solutions
ECEX’s Air Intake Screens could prove hugely beneficial in the fight to keep air in schools, hospitals and care homes clean. A simple solution, the screens can be retrofitted to existing ventilation, air conditioning and cooling equipment, stopping airborne debris from affecting the efficiency of HVAC equipment, ensuring it keeps working effectively for longer. Apart from improving indoor air quality, ECEX’s Air Intake Screens reduce energy costs thanks to improved efficiency, as well as cutting maintenance requirements – the screens are simple to wipe clean and safeguard internal filters, meaning these filters have to be replaced less often.

At a recent installation at a London University, ECEX’s Air Intake Screens improved efficiency by 5%, with utility bill savings meaning they paid for themselves in around one and a half years.

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