Air Intake Screen Installation Complete: Repeat Business Is The Best Kind Of Business


At ECEX, as for many other service-lead companies, our driving focus is repeat business. By establishing lasting relationships with customers, success is often determined not by the first order that a customer ever places, but by the second, third, fourth and so on…

We first attended this site in Berkshire back in March, 2013 to carry out a demonstrative air intake screen installation on an AHU inlet feeding the main building. Its countryside location, surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens, makes it a prime candidate for equipment clogging caused by pollen, leaves, feathers and other seasonal debris.  This site was our first UK installation utilising our anodised track mounting system, pioneered by the Air Solution Company, our American manufacturers. It proved extremely successful and dramatically reduced maintenance time, whilst preventing airborne debris from entering and clogging the AHU.

Almost one year on, we received another call from the same customer requesting that we re-attend site and look at the Generator Set air inlet for a similar solution, just a few metres away from our original installation. Having proven the energy savings and ease of maintenance first hand, the client was only too happy to roll out a few more across site.