Air Quality – The Inside Story

ECEX Air Intake ScreensVentilation and air conditioning exist for two reasons – to provide comfort and promote health. Both are critical for the wellbeing of people at home, and even more so at work where both can have a huge impact on business-critical issues such as absenteeism.

Indoor air quality is the single most important factor that influences comfort and health. Since improvements in the indoor air environment can significantly increase employee morale and productivity, it is important to include indoor air quality controls in operation, maintenance, and energy conservation strategies.

What are the risks of poor air quality?

Indoor air quality also has a major impact on the health, comfort and wellbeing of building occupants. Poor air quality has been linked to problems of Sick Building Syndrome and associated with asthma as well as other health-related problems such as rhinitis.

The average person has an air intake of about 3.4 litres of air every minute, so the dangers of an inadequate or polluted air supply are obvious. Lower work performance is frequently symptomatic of poor indoor air quality in offices and schools, and asthma and allergies are more prevalent than ever.

How does it all work?

While many of us tend to think of ventilation and air conditioning as air movement within a building or the introduction of outdoor air, they are actually a combination of processes which result in the supply and removal of air from inside a building.

These processes typically include bringing in outdoor air, conditioning and mixing the outdoor air with some portion of indoor air, distributing this mixed air throughout the building, and exhausting some portion of the indoor air outside. The quality of indoor air may deteriorate when one or more of these processes is inadequate.

It has been estimated that 75% or more of the health impact of indoor air pollution results from bringing air in from the outside. That makes the proper design, operation and maintenance of the filter system essential in providing indoor air that is free of harmful or annoying pollutants.

How can ECEX help?

Our own Air Intake Screens – which are fitted to the intakes of air handling units, condensers and other HVAC equipment – pre-filter outside air to ‘catch’ detritus such as dust, pollen and leaves.

This has a number of benefits. First, it improves energy efficiency because the fans are not required to work harder due to blockages. Secondly, it reduces maintenance requirements, largely for the same reason. Finally, it ensures the cleanest possible air enters the building, improving the health, safety and welfare of occupants.

Everyone has the right to healthy indoor air. Therefore, it is vital we do everything in our power to ensure optimum indoor air quality. Air Intake Screens are one way to do this.

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