All You Need To Know About EN 1090 And Structural Steel

BS EN 1090 logoIf you are involved in any kind of construction work you are probably familiar with EN 1090, a standard that regulates steel and aluminium structures. But did you know that you are breaking the law if you disregard the demands of EN 1090?

EN 1090 applies to structural components, which are those “to be used as load-bearing parts of works designed to provide mechanical resistance and stability to the works and/or fire resistance, including aspects of durability and serviceability which can be used directly as delivered or can be incorporated into a construction work”.

Therefore, it’s a criminal offence to supply structural metalwork that fails to conform to EN 1090. But what must you do to comply with the standard? Here are the facts to help you understand:

EN 1090 parts

CE marking





The British Standards Institution’s clarification document offers a broad definition of the types of structural components that are covered by EN 1090 and a number of these components are supplied by ECEX.

That’s why ECEX is accredited to the EN 1090 standard and has an in-house RWC who has been externally approved to act in this role.

ECEX can, for example, demonstrate that all fabricated products have had welds tested in line with documented test regimes. It can also demonstrate that all welding equipment is independently serviced and tested.

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