A Breath Of Fresh Air


The air in some parts of the UK is too dangerous to breathe, according to the Royal College of Physicians and Lancet Countdown, international research group dedicated to tracking the world’s response to climate change.

Their findings, published in a new report – ‘Lancet Countdown 2017 Report: Briefing for UK Policymakers’ – reveal that 45 out of 51 towns and cities across the UK have breached World Health Organisation guidelines for outdoor air quality.

Air pollution exacerbates many chronic health problems, particularly respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, with growing evidence that it also impacts on other diseases including stroke and dementia. Indeed, outdoor air pollution causes around 40,000 premature deaths annually in the UK as well as being blamed for more than six million sick days with an estimated total social cost of £22.6 billion per year.

Of course, outdoor air can become indoor air and pollutants in internal air can be up to five times higher than outside. The question is: what can be done to militate against pollution entering a building? One part of the solution is external pre-filtration and ECEX Air Intake Screens are designed for precisely this.

Although not directly concerned with filtering out small particle matter from outside air, ECEX Air intake Screens do protect, and even enhance, the performance of the air conditioning and ventilation equipment that is responsible for guarding against these pollutants.

They do this by protecting chiller coils, air handling unit intake louvres and cooling towers which would otherwise be clogged by by debris including leaves, pollen, insects and other airborne impurities. By preventing these from interfering with the performance of ventilation and AC plant, ECEX Air intake Screens provide significant maintenance labour savings, energy savings and extend filter and equipment life.

Available with standard and fine mesh grades to suit site-specific conditions, ECEX Air Intake Screens can be quickly installed to most HVAC plant as each one is individually made-to-measure. With 10-year warranties and 15+ years typical service life, these highly durable, heavy-duty filters can be cleaned in minutes using a soft brush, garden hose or vacuum.

The screens are also available with the new Magna-Track mounting system which negates the need for mechanical fixing by featuring ultra-powerful neodymium magnets. This further accelerates installation time and removes the need to drill near to delicate internal components such as coils.

Once installed, the screens can be released from the Magna‐Track frame using quick‐release twist lock fasteners, while the track stays on the equipment. This makes the entire assembly easily removable as needed.

For more information about ECEX Air Intake Screens, visit www.airintakescreens.co.uk