Building Regs Blamed For Poor Indoor Air Quality

P1000968A startling new report has laid claims that poor indoor air quality in homes could be a major contributory factor to the rising number of asthma sufferers in the UK.
‘The Future of Indoor Air Quality in UK Homes and its Impact on Health’ states that building regulations are not sufficient to tackle the detrimental effects of indoor air pollution, which could see the number of asthma sufferers rocket by an astounding 80 per cent over the next 35 years.
While the government works on making homes more energy efficient and airtight, this is having a real negative impact on indoor air quality and potential threat to our health.
An indoor air quality specialist from the School of the Built Environment at Reading University, commented: “To avoid a serious and significant increase in asthma cases and other health conditions related to poor indoor air quality, homes must be adequately ventilated. I would also advise that a minimum air exchange rate that new homes must meet is enforced and there is tighter regulation to ensure systems are properly installed, effectively operated and adequately maintained.”
It was also highlighted that levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) could rise to 60 per cent above the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended limits for a 24-hour period.
IAQ at home and work
Outside of the home, poor air quality in our work places must also be addressed; places where we spend a great deal of time. Investing in filtration technology, such as ECEX Air Intake Screens, that can be fitted to Air Handling Units (AHUs) not only creates a less harmful environment from airborne debris; but doubles-up as protection for AHUs, making them more efficient in the long-term, as well as helping to reduce associated costs of system maintenance and utility bills.
ECEX Air Intake Screens fitted to AHUs have been proven to prevent costly downtime and increase the life of expensive machinery, with the need for (minimal) maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency is maintained at all times.
So while the government tackles air quality in our homes, let us help your organisation take immediate action for cleaner, greener air quality!

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