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Refurb or replace? That is the question

  It’s a perennial question – when the time comes, should you replace or refurbish HVAC equipment? The answer depends on a wide range of factors including the age of the equipment, the short and long-term financial implications of each option, and how ‘mission critical’ the system is and, therefore, how reliable it needs to []

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Coil maintenance – clean, repair and protect

As winter starts to bite, the coils contained in condensers and evaporators are placed under additional strain and, should they fail, your business could potentially be brought to a halt. However, it needn’t be if you apply effective maintenance and the right equipment to prevent clogging, corrosion or leakage. There are essentially two types of []

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Maintenance made manageable

  Fans, motors and ductwork are critical components in any HVAC system and you neglect them at your peril. Maintaining this equipment effectively not only improves productivity, but it also reduces the chance of disruptive and expensive breakdowns. Maintenance is intrinsically linked to energy efficiency (and therefore lowers operating costs) in HVAC systems, and will []

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How to solve issues related to coils

Failure of essential heat exchanger equipment could potentially bring your business to a halt. There is no doubt that the issues related to coils are generally the same: clogging, corrosion or leakage. However, it’s easier to understand the issues by fully understanding the differing functions of condenser and evaporator coils.           []

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Energy efficiency made easy: Condenser and evaporator coil maintenance, repair, replacement and protection.

If you’re a regular ECEX customer, there’s a strong chance that you’ve recently received one of our mailshots on coil repair, replacement, maintenance and protection. The key message: Failure of essential heat exchanger equipment could potentially bring your business to a halt. From the response it generated, there is no doubt that the issues related []

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The summer is closing in…slowly.

Just as it seems we’re about to see the end of the cold and miserable British weather we’ve become so accustomed to, it strikes back in full force. That said, we did experience a few days of glorious sunshine which served as a welcome reminder that the summer is, albeit slowly, on its way.  For []

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