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How universities can stop HVAC equipment costing the earth

Energy costs can amount to half to a third of a typical HVAC system’s operation, so there are compelling financial reasons to focus on ensuring that the system runs at its optimum performance level. But there are also spectacular carbon emission savings to be made simply by cleaning your HVAC system (let alone having it []

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Plate heat exchangers explained

Heat exchangers are a ubiquitous, well-established, and proven technology that offers a host of solid benefits in a range of applications. The purpose of a heat exchanger is simply to swap heat between two substances, usually water or gas, without letting the substances mix together. Car radiators and refrigerators are examples of heat exchangers, and []

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Water storage tank replacement – Springer Nature HQ, London

Springer Nature, which publishes scientific research papers and journals (part of the Macmillan Publishing Group) has headquarters at a newly refurbished site, canalside at King’s Cross in London. The development consists of an eclectic mix of new and old industrial buildings, designed by architects, Broadway Malyan. ECEX was approached by SPIE, one of the largest []

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ECEX – a diverse business with a range of experts offering a host of skills

ECEX employs highly experienced people with the diverse set of skills needed to offer a broad portfolio of expert services to a wide variety of customers. The services offered by ECEX include metalwork and fabrication, air handling unit (AHU) and ventilation services, mechanical engineering services, and the supply and installation of cost-saving air intake screens. []

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AHUs – refurbish or replace?

The word ‘maintenance’ sounds rather mundane and unexciting. It seems to describe a holding operation, implying a continuation of existing conditions and preservation of the status quo. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. As well as lowering operational costs and raising environmental performance, maintenance can also be a powerful tool for improvement. []

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Building maintenance – service with a smile

Building maintenance tends to be out of sight and out of mind. As a result, it has something of a reputation for being under-funded, unproductive and poorly managed. However, as recent cases involving legionnaires’ disease outbreaks have shown, this attitude is at best dangerous and can prove fatal. That is why it makes sense to []

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