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Hospital chillers protected by ECEX Air Intake Screens

  The York chillers at London’s Royal Marsden cancer hospital have recently been fitted with ECEX Air Intake Screens to prevent pollen, insects and other airborne debris from clogging the condenser coils, saving maintenance time and energy as optimum airflow is now being maintained. Frequent, laborious and costly coil cleaning has become a thing of the past; []

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How to stay energy efficient when maintaining a building

Today’s incredibly sophisticated air conditioning systems and associated controls are light years ahead of early systems, dramatically cutting emissions and improving comfort for building occupants. Indeed, the efficiency of air conditioning systems has improved so radically over the past two decades that it has significantly reduced their running costs and impact on the environment. How []

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How can we help you? Do you have a question about our products or services? ECEX are ready and waiting to help with anything you need to know.

Time and money are rare commodities in most small businesses, so the prospect of having thousands of pounds to spend on training often makes companies unwilling to consider it. However, good quality training can offer even the smallest business a range of solid business benefits. For example, it: • Helps you attract the brightest and []

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Rising to the energy efficiency challenge

Due to its enormous impact on the environment, the single most important challenge facing the industrial/commercial HVAC sector is energy efficiency. Environmental issues are central to any debate involving HVAC equipment because, by its very nature, energy generation causes emissions and there is no such thing as clean combustion or emission-free energy. Of course, everybody []

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Mental health problems may be linked to increase in air pollution

Just as there is a call in London to increase awareness of air pollution with signs on public transport, we are learning more about the effects air pollution can have – especially to children Shocking new research has revealed that relatively small increases in air pollution are associated with a significant escalation in psychiatric problems []

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ECEX new premises further boosts service to customers

Thanks to a move to our new premises in Newbury, we have increased the flexibility of our manufacturing operation. ECEX has bought a two-storey, 9,000 sq ft building comprising offices and a workshop. Here we’ll be able to manufacture on site and provide a more flexible turnaround for our customers. John Grenville, managing director of []

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