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How to ensure safe access to data centre roofs

  How is this normally dealt with? Air has long been the cooling medium of choice for data centres. But, of course, the cool air needs to be generated in the first place and this is typically achieved by employing computer room air conditioning via dry air coolers. These are often installed on the data []

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Seven simple steps to the perfect customer survey

Email surveys are a great way to gain valuable insight into your customers’ perceptions and opinions. Offering better services is all about understanding and reacting to your customers’ unique needs as individuals, and asking the right questions is right at the heart of that goal. To help make it happen, our experts have identified seven []

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Warning over metal fabricating law breakers

Some metal fabrication companies are acting illegally, placing their customers at risk of prosecution, according to John Grenville, managing director of leading multi-specialist engineering contractor ECEX. He warned: “It has been a criminal offence since July 2014 to supply structural metalwork unless it conforms to EN 1090, a three-part European standard that regulates the fabrication []

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Ideal opportunity for a clean start

New build has been estimated to represent only around 1.5% of the UK building stock each year. However, buildings experience a number of refurbishments throughout their life, with a major refurbishment every 20 to 30 years. These refurbishments represent an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions through refreshing a building’s fabric and services equipment. Refurbishment offers []

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Promising the Earth

The climate deal reached at the COP21 talks in Paris has been hailed by US President Barack Obama as “the best chance we have to save the one planet we have”. The Paris agreement aims to curb global warming to less than 2 deg C by the end of the century. To achieve this will []

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Emission impossible?

Over the years, the concept of sustainable development has suffered a deluge of descriptions, washing away any true understanding of what it actually means. This, in turn, has damaged the credibility of sustainable development and significantly diluted its impact. On the face of it, the definition of sustainability is obvious. In relation to green issues, []

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