Coil Maintenance – Clean, Repair And Protect

As winter starts to bite, the coils contained in condensers and evaporators are placed under additional strain and, should they fail, your business could potentially be brought to a halt. However, it needn’t be if you apply effective maintenance and the right equipment to prevent clogging, corrosion or leakage.

There are essentially two types of coil:

Airborne particulates such as leaves, pollen and dirt begin to layer up on the fins and tubes of condenser coils over time. As a result, the condensing temperature increases which makes the compressor work harder for longer to achieve the necessary cooling effect.

This makes the condenser coil more expensive to run and increases the strain on the unit leading to an increased risk of breakdown.

An evaporator coil can also become easily clogged with airborne debris, but the consequences are slightly different. By restricting the airflow through the unit, the pressure drop means the cooling effect of the air is also reduced so the unit has to run for longer to achieve the requisite level of cooling.

Reduced airflow not only results in the unit remaining operational for longer than is necessary, but also means that it has to work harder in order to achieve the airflow required. Both these factors place the unit under greater risk of breakdown and more importantly, downtime for the end client or tenant.

In a typical building services installation, both condenser and evaporator coils are left unfiltered. However, there are several steps you can take to reduce the problems associated with clogging and, indeed, reduce it altogether.

We offer a range of coil services including repair, replacement, maintenance and protection. Not only can we bring your equipment up to its most efficient through effective maintenance and cleaning, but we can also repair localised damage or completely replace if required.

Meanwhile, the technology also exists to reduce the impact of clogging. ECEX Air Intake Screens are long lasting, weather-resistant filter mesh products which fix to external intakes on AHUs, chillers and condensers. They protect coils before any airborne debris can clog the fins and reduce coil efficiency.

By moving the airborne debris to a position in which it can be easily maintained/removed (using a soft brush, hose or vacuum cleaner), an ECEX Air Intake Screen is a simple yet effective retrofit protective option for your equipment on site.

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For more information about ECEX Air Intake Screens, click here.