Data Centre Downtime? Keeping Cool Is Key

blog post2Downtime for a data centre is costly, so ensuring that equipment is running as it should requires rigorous maintenance – system failure is not an option. Preserving the right temperature for equipment is vital; high, low or rapidly varying temperature can corrupt data processing, alter the electrical and physical characteristics of electronic chips and generally cause faulty operation or failure.

Keeping cooling systems in working order should be top priority for facilities managers. When the weather’s warmer increased demand puts greater strain on chillers, condensers, air handling units and cooling towers, exacerbating the risk of breakdown and therefore, costly downtime.

Top tips
Effective cooling can be expensive, so in order to strike the balance between keeping data centres in action and reducing energy drains, it’s essential that cooling equipment runs at its optimum. Maintenance must be regularly carried out, including the following activities:

Filter cleaning is necessary in order to prevent airborne particulates; such as pollen and dust; clogging HVAC equipment and reducing airflow. Reduced airflow will result in a unit working harder to meet its cooling targets, therefore using more energy, increasing the likelihood of unit breakdown.

By stopping airborne particulates from entering a system in the first-place, cooling is kept constant, risk of breakdown is reduced and maintenance requirements are cut – if debris is stopped before it gets to a filter the need to clean that filter becomes a more infrequent requirement.

Efficiency heros
We are here to help! ECEX Air Intake Screens can be fitted externally to existing cooling towers, or other HVAC equipment, helping to prevent airborne debris from entering the air intake system. This improves laminar airflow which not only maintains but enhances cooling properties, improves energy efficiency and reduces associated maintenance tasks.

Our philosophy is simple: with the correct maintenance and specialist product, increased cooling does not have to mean increased fuel bills – talk to us to see how our Air Intake Screens can help your organisation boost energy efficiency and lower its carbon footprint!

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