Don’t Play With Fire

An alarming lack of understanding of fire protection has been revealed in a new study from fire-retardant technology firm Zeroignition. It discovered that just 3% of architects from the UK, Germany and France can identify four basic fire protection terms.

Specifiers in the three countries were asked about their familiarity with four common terms – active fire protection, passive fire protection, fire resistance and reaction to fire. Just 8% of the architects surveyed in the UK were able to define the four terms, in France the figure was 6% and in Germany none.

Just 2% of the architects interviewed in the Zeroignition study said they’d received comprehensive fire protection training and less than one in 10 (8%) said they had never had fire protection training. A third of said their current employer didn’t spend enough on fire protection training and more than three quarters believed they lacked fully comprehensive training in the discipline.

These appalling figures are an indictment of fire protection training and development systems and point to a desperate need for more fire stopping experts. As an industry, we really must to face up to more stringent requirements in terms of demonstrating that people are competent and trained to do these types of installations.

Indeed, I believe we should go further. Fire is such a potentially catastrophic event that I would say if you want fire protection to be installed correctly and to deliver the performance required, then it makes sense for specialist people to do that work for you.

And there is a particular need in the HVAC sector for fire stopping services – sealing gaps and openings caused by mechanical and electrical services breaching compartment walls and floors, to prevent fire, heat and smoke passing from one building compartment to another.

ECEX offers a range of passive structural fire protection solutions, including:

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