ECEX Air Intake Screens’ Benefits Revealed In New Video!


top fitting - video still

We have produced a three-minute video explaining how our Air Intake Screens can help reduce maintenance and increase energy efficiency of HVAC plant including air handling units, chillers, condensers and cooling towers.

ECEX Air Intake Screens are long-lasting external protection filters made from a distinctive mesh which traps airborne debris such as leaves, pollen and dust before it can enter and clog condenser coils and air intakes.

The video outlines their features and benefits and includes a case study to illustrate their advantages. The case study focuses on chillers located at a critical site which were struggling to perform adequately because of fouled coils. The video explains that, because of local site conditions, including dust from a nearby waste management plant and general city debris, the coils would require attention almost as soon as they were cleaned.

The plant would therefore have to work ever harder to maintain performance, wasting energy and placing considerable strain on the chillers which led to more maintenance time and pressure on budgets.

Alternatives to Air Intake Screens, such as traditional pressure washing and chemicals, are explored in the video, but it points out that they are costly, time-consuming and potentially damaging to delicate coil fins.

ECEX Air Intake Screens, however, prevent airborne debris from reaching the coils in the first place. It can be quickly and easily removed from the screens using a soft brush or garden hose.

Finally, the video covers the installation of Air Intake Screens – either in-house or by the experienced and highly capable ECEX site team.


Watch the video here