ECEX Air Intake Screens Keep Data Centres Cool


ECEX Heavy Duty Air Intake Screens have recently been installed at a major UK data centre to protect 36 Excool indirect evaporative data centre cooling units, helping to cut maintenance time, improve energy efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdown.

As data centres are such a critical part of our national infrastructure, ensuring operational certainty is a priority for owners, facilities managers and building maintenance providers. This priority can often seem at odds with environmental obligations. Data centres are voracious users of energy, particularly when it comes to cooling which is an essential part of avoiding downtime. In fact, up to 45% of the energy cost is taken up by cooling.

Fixed externally to HVAC equipment, ECEX Air Intake Screens can help balance these priorities, preventing airborne debris, such as dust, leaves and pollen, from entering the system. Without the screens, this debris will clog filters, making HVAC equipment work harder and therefore use more energy, while reducing the lifespan of internal components, leading to greater and more frequent maintenance requirements and a higher risk of breakdown.

Data centre cooling systems protected by ECEX Air Intake Screens benefit from:

When it comes to reducing maintenance, one Data Centre Contracts Manager from London was particularly impressed:

“I can’t recommend fitting the screens enough; they have transformed the maintenance that we have to do on these units; we used to have to jet wash the mesh filters once a week otherwise we started getting a reduction in air flow due to the filters getting clogged up, now it’s less than once a month.

“We do have to vacuum the screens frequently (weather dependant) but this is considerably less arduous than jet washing the filters. We’ve also seen an additional benefit which is that the pond water is not contaminated by the dirt from the mesh filters and so the recycled water is cleaner and thus more effective.”

The manager concluded: “Overall, a resounding success. Myself, and my engineers who carry out the maintenance, are very thankful for your product. The client is also very happy.”

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