ECEX Overcomes University Challenge

2832-_013_ecex-edge-protection-images-4upECEX has successfully solved a roof safety and access problem for the University of Oxford. Access across the roof of a complex of laboratory buildings at the university was obstructed by the pipework, cables and supports serving extraction and HVAC units, including chillers and condensers.
This caused a series of significant trip hazards to employees working on the rooftop, so the University’s engineering team called in an ECEX specialist to survey the area and improve access. The University was already familiar with the company and impressed by its work because ECEX has supplied and installed Air Intake Screens widely across the university’s 300-plus building estate.
The ECEX team completed an initial on-site assessment. Managing director John Grenville explains: “Because we had a strong existing working relationship with the university, they trusted us. That meant we didn’t need to show them a drawing of our proposed solution to the access problem. In this case, they were satisfied with the written description of the work we proposed to undertake.
“Typically, however, we would offer a site survey, a drawing submission to the client and, upon acceptance, complete all the processes including procurement, manufacture, galvanising and site installation.”
ECEX uses the hierarchy of control measures determined by the Health & Safety Executive to decide the optimum solution in each specific case. Mr Grenville explains: “In other words, the ultimate measure is to remove the hazard completely if this is practical. If not, the next measure down is to use collective fall protection such as guard railing so that someone without specialised training can move around the roof safely. The next level down would be the use of personal protective equipment such as a harness, and so on.”
For the University of Oxford project, ECEX custom-fabricated and installed a sub-frame made from galvanised steel. The non-slip grating is designed to provide consistent, level and safe access to the equipment. The company then installed its gantry system out of hours to avoid disruption since its means of access was through occupied parts of the building.
The project was completed on time and to budget and the University of Oxford is delighted with the result.
ECEX surveys, designs, manufactures and installs bespoke and off-the-shelf access safety solutions, including:

• Walkways and step-overs
• Access ladders and platforms
• Guardrail and edge protection
• Stairs
• Mesh security caging
• Other fabricated metalwork

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