Fast-fix Magnetic Mounting System Introduced For ECEX Air Intake Screens


We’ve launched a fast and easy-fit version of ECEX Air Intake Screens which uses powerful magnets to enable quick and simple installation in sensitive or difficult to reach areas.

ECEX Air Intake Screens are long-lasting external protection filters that fit on air handling units, chillers, dry air coolers, condensers, cooling towers, air intakes and other HVAC systems. They are made from an easy-clean polymer mesh which traps airborne debris before it can enter and clog condenser coils and air intakes.

The ECEX Magnetic Track Mounting System (Magna-Track) makes the installer’s life easier by eliminating the need for drilling and making it possible to mount ECEX Air Intake Screens using neodymium magnets, the strongest commercially available magnets on the market.

The ECEX Air Intake Screen installer simply inserts magnets into connectors, cuts track to length, assembles track and connectors and places them over intake opening.

Once installed, the screens can be released from the Magna-Track frame using quick-release twist-lock fasteners while the track stays retained on the equipment or the entire assembly can be easily removed as needed.

The Magna-Track system is immensely strong; each magnet provides 7 to 8kg of pull strength and can be placed at any interval as needed to retain the screen over the intake opening without losing tension.

It also offers a host of other solid benefits. For example, it reduces installation liability by eliminating the risk associated with drilling and screw fixing near sensitive components. It also significantly slashes installation time and cost.

Magna-Track is compatible with both ECEX’s PVC and anodised aluminium track, and can be mounted to painted and non-painted steel surfaces and to non-magnetic surfaces (aluminium, plastic louvres, glass fibre, etc.) using Magna-Plates (a galvanised steel plate attached with 3M VHB industrial double-sided tape or with mounting screws).

The magnet system – which can be mounted vertically or horizontally – simply clicks into track connectors and can’t fall out. The Magna-Track connectors and track system mounts flush against the mounting surface with no gaps or air overflow. All the components are rust proof and compatible with all HVAC makes and models.

Finally, using the track with connectors means the ECEX Air Intake Screens maintain tension under flow of air because the track retains twist-lock fasteners in their position.

ECEX Air Intake Screens – fitted with or without the Magna-Track system – can dramatically cut the risk of breakdown to externally-sited HVAC equipment, especially in Summer, the start of the pollen season, because this scourge of hay fever sufferers everywhere poses a clear and present danger to vital HVAC components.

ECEX Air Intake Screens are external pre-filters comprising a vinyl-coated polyester fibre mesh that sits in front of essential HVAC equipment acting as a filter for pollen, leaves, insects and other particulates, with negligible impact on air flow. The screens can be quickly and easily be cleaned using a soft brush or hose.

John Grenville, managing director of ECEX, warned: “If external HVAC systems are blocked by pollen or other airborne debris such as leaves, insects and feathers, then they cost more to run, use more energy and work far less effectively.

“And, should they break down as a result of blockage, the consequences could be dramatic, impacting heavily on the comfort of building occupants and, perhaps, jeopardising vital cooling processes.

“That’s why it pays to invest in ECEX Air Intake Screens, especially as they are now even faster and easier to install as a result of the introduction of Magna-Track.”

Download more information about Magna-Track, here.

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