Air Intake Screen Seminar: Filter Air For More Efficient And Longer Lasting HVAC Equipment


Innovative air intake screens improve HVAC system efficiency, cut down on maintenance and reduce the risk of operational downtime, says ECEX.

ECEX, the sole European distributor of air intake screens manufactured by Air Solution Company, presented this innovative technology, which prevents airborne debris from damaging and reducing the efficiency of HVAC equipment, to representatives from the building services and maintenance sectors on 2nd April, at the Ibis hotel on Southwark Bridge.

Still a relatively new concept for the UK, ECEX’s air intake screen is a vinyl coated polyester fibre mesh that sits in front of essential HVAC equipment – such as Air Handling Units (AHUs), chillers, condensers and cooling towers – acting as a filter for pollen, leaves, insects and other particulates, with almost no impact on air flow; typically around 10Pa at a velocity of 2m/s. By stopping this debris from entering a system, machine efficiency and the lifespan of filters is increased and maintenance requirements are reduced, all effects which contribute to lower running costs, while helping buildings meet ever more stringent energy efficiency requirements.

In cooling towers, biological loading, caused by insects and organic debris, is significantly reduced, meaning legionella treatment is more effective and is needed less often. Air intake screens also help to increase laminar airflow by diffusing air more effectively across the fill, reducing the operating temperature and energy consumption.

Generally, by ensuring systems aren’t clogged, the risk of operational downtime is minimised.

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Randy Simmons, President of Air Solution Company, presents with ECEX team

  Air Intake Screen facts

Invented by Air Solution Company, air intake screens are widely used in North America and quickly becoming more popular in European buildings. Randy Simmons, President of Air Solution Company, who also presented at the event, explained why ECEX was the right choice to distribute his product in Europe:

 “We chose to work with ECEX as its team is highly knowledgeable and expert in helping customers solve air intake problems. ECEX’s consultative approach is key to its continued success, ensuring clients get the right filter solution for their specific needs. A customer centric approach is consistent with our approach in the US; an approach that ensures the highest level of overall satisfaction.” – Randy Simmons, President of Air Solution Company

Available in a range of mesh types, depending on the application and particulates, ECEX’s air intake screens offer a simple solution to what historically has been a complex problem, a solution that ECEX hopes will soon be a more common sight on both retrofit and new build projects.

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