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Bristol City Council has secured a £30,000 government grant to help reduce pollution and raise awareness of health issues associated with poor air quality. The money is intended to help with researching the freight and delivery needs of traders and businesses in the Old City area, and use the information for future logistics projects, which, if implemented across the city centre, would help to improve air quality.

Mayor George Ferguson said: “Poor air quality has a greater public health impact than road traffic accidents and passive smoking combined, not to mention the local cost of health impacts to Bristol is in the region of £83m a year.

“We are working hard to protect Bristol citizens from harmful gases produced by traffic, so I am delighted that the government grant will enable important research to help us work with businesses to reduce pollution.”

Indoor air
An area where government and organisations alike can make an immediate impact is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which can be tackled more easily with the help of ECEX Air Intake Screens.

ECEX Air Intake Screens offer a simple method of not only saving money and maintenance time for building or facilities managers, in addition, they literally help inhabitants breathe more easily. Debris can often clog internal coil fins, filters and other components; this can have a significant impact on the movement of air (therefore affecting overall IAQ) within a building.

IAQ in the workplace has proven to profoundly affect the health, comfort and productivity of a building’s occupants, so by prioritising a comfortable environment, you will be effectively boosting business and creating a work environment that is both healthy and safe.

Suitable for a wide range of high velocity airflow applications; from chillers to AHUs and air conditioning units, ECEX Air Intake Screens also offer additional benefits, including:

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