Happy Customers Recommend ECEX!


The key to a successful business is making sure you listen to your customers; feedback is a wonderful thing enabling a firm to play to its strengths and it’s always rather nice to hear that you’ve done a great job – and the proof is in the pudding here at ECEX!

A recent poll on customer satisfaction has seen us come up trumps yet again with 91% of respondents reporting that they would indeed use our services again as well as recommending them to colleagues and other firms!

The survey, which includes all areas of ECEX expertise, also saw the sales teams highly praised for their overall helpfulness with 10 out of 11 surveys stating the delivery and quality of the products, and channels of communication were ‘very good’ and ‘impressive!’.

When it came to adhering to timescales, ECEX again clocked up a fantastic 91% for completing projects within the timescale promised and within the timescale required, with three firms reporting that work was carried out ‘sooner’ than expected, and one claiming the project timescale was ‘really impressive’.

How can we help you?
Are you in need of our services? Perhaps your HVAC equipment could be operating more efficiently with ECEX Air Intake Screens? Or do you have an access safety issue requiring our bespoke metal fabrication solutions? Pipework, valves and water storage tanks are areas covered by the mechanical engineering services arm of the business – whatever you opt for, you know we’ll do a good job!

We feel, as a business, it’s vital to undertake regular surveys to gain a better understanding of our customers’ requirements and/or concerns so that we are continually improving our products and services to successfully meet those needs. And through this we earn customer loyalty, which is important to us.

For more information on any of our services, call 01635 244100, email sales@ecex.co.uk or visit www.ecex.co.uk



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