Hospital AHU Refurbishment – Reducing Downtime, Saving Money

Hospitals and healthcare establishments can’t afford downtime so the upkeep of essential HVAC plant is a challenge. When an Air Handling Unit (AHU) at a NHS district general hospital on the south coast became faulty, refurbishment offered a number of benefits compared with full AHU replacement.

Keeping any disruption to a minimum is a priority for hospitals. Waiting for a new AHU and then installing it can be a long and involved process – around 10 weeks, whereas upgrading and fixing existing parts in-situ cuts this time by at least half and avoids total shut down of the system.

The other major benefit for the ever-stretched NHS is the cost savings offered by AHU refurbishment. A new system is extremely expensive. Fixing and/or replacing individual components can see it working ‘as new’, at a considerably lower price.

Ensuring operational efficiency with also help to reduce energy consumption, saving money long-term. The replacement of fans, for example, can improve efficiency by well over 30% in some instances.

At the hospital, ECEX refurbished and upgraded the entire AHU, including the replacement of:

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