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16697171583_7d25dabb57_oTime and money are rare commodities in most small businesses, so the prospect of having thousands of pounds to spend on training often makes companies unwilling to consider it.
However, good quality training can offer even the smallest business a range of solid business benefits. For example, it:

• Helps you attract the brightest and the best employees and maintain their loyalty.
• Increases the quality of your service.
• Helps boost your bottom line and reduce costs by decreasing wasted time, workplace accidents (which also results in lower insurance premiums) and absenteeism.
• Sharpens your competitive edge by keeping your work practices up to date.

In short, well-implemented training is a universally good investment.
But there is no reason why learning must be delivered only along a single track. Indeed, there are many routes to gaining a greater understanding of processes, products, systems and services.
In other words, formal training is not where development ends, education and advice are just as important. And that is where manufacturers and suppliers can help. Their expertise is a valuable resource in any effort to dispel a lack of knowledge about specific products, systems or services.
That’s why it is important for customers to take advantage of the wealth of knowhow and experience that their suppliers possess.

How ECEX can help
The people employed by ECEX, for example, are ready, willing and able to offer you the benefit of their skills and familiarity with our products and services. Indeed, more than this, they are enthusiastic and keen to help.
Broadly speaking, training is something you have done to you, but education is something you do for yourself. So, don’t be afraid to ask – even the silliest sounding question has merit and can open doors that you didn’t know existed.
US historian Daniel Boorstin put it best when he said: “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”

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