How To Ensure Safe Access To Data Centre Roofs


metalwork_fabricators, access_platformsHow is this normally dealt with?

Air has long been the cooling medium of choice for data centres. But, of course, the cool air needs to be generated in the first place and this is typically achieved by employing computer room air conditioning via dry air coolers. These are often installed on the data centre roof or other raised plant gantries.

However, working safely with heights can pose health and safety problems. More specifically, how can data centre operators make sure maintenance engineers are able to gain access to, and are able to work on rooftop air cooling equipment without risking a fall?

What’s the best way?

The answer is fixed access ladders for easy access, edge protection around the top of the dry air coolers and guard railings at the edge of the roof to prevent falls from height.

Most lower-level items, including dry air coolers, have been installed without any edge protection, yet a fall from the top of them would likely result in serious injury. Metal fabricated assemblies increase the safety of personnel who need to access to rooftop equipment.

Indeed, this is one of the most common problems we, as a leading metal fabrication business, are asked to solve.

ECEX can help

ECEX surveys, designs, manufactures and installs bespoke and off-the-shelf access safety solutions. These include walkways and step-overs, access ladders and platforms, guard railings and edge protection, and stairs as well as mesh security caging and all other fabricated metalwork.

We have a team of skilled metalwork fabricators operating from our workshop in Newbury who can survey and design bespoke metalwork solutions whatever the issue. We have expertise in walkways and step-overs, guardrail and edge protection, ladders and platforms, staircases, and bespoke fabrication and mesh security caging.

Unlike some metal fabrication companies, we operate to EN 1090, a three-part European standard that regulates the fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminium structures.

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