How To Prevent Construction Dust Entering HVAC Intakes – University Of Oxford

ECEX Air Intake Screens have been installed on air intake louvres at the University of Oxford, helping to prevent the dust created by a nearby construction site from clogging internal filters and severely compromising system efficiency.

Adjacent to a large demolition/redevelopment site, before the addition of ECEX Air Intake Screens, large amounts of dust was being drawn into the ventilation system.

ECEX Fine Mesh Air Intake Screens were specified and installed to stop airborne dust, as well as pollen, leaves and insects, from entering the system. Accumulated debris can easily be seen on the face of the screens and cleaned off in a few moments as and when necessary using a soft brush, vacuum or garden hose.

ECEX Air Intake Screens are designed to have minimal impact on airflow while trapping most airborne debris at the point of ingress. With a 10 year warranty and a typical service life of 15+ years, payback is usually achieved well under two years through reduced energy consumption and filter costs.

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