How To Stay Energy Efficient When Maintaining A Building

ECEX_Blogpost_Heights_imageToday’s incredibly sophisticated air conditioning systems and associated controls are light years ahead of early systems, dramatically cutting emissions and improving comfort for building occupants. Indeed, the efficiency of air conditioning systems has improved so radically over the past two decades that it has significantly reduced their running costs and impact on the environment.

How can they help?
According to one air conditioning giant, in 1990 a 28kW system running on R22 refrigerant would have had an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 2.46, whereas a similarly sized system 10 years later would have an EER of 3.74. This comes to around 30% less fuel use with a corresponding drop in energy consumption and carbon emissions.
However, it’s not only the big ticket items that can contribute to a dramatic boost in air conditioning system energy efficiency. Smaller items and accessories can also play their part in this critical activity.

What ECEX can offer?
ECEX, for example, provides a range of energy saving solutions to ensure a building is running as efficiently and as safely as it possibly can.
As well as the more traditional energy efficiency boosting measures such as lagging, insulation and valve jackets, ECEX is also the exclusive distributor of Air Intake Screens.
These comprise long-lasting, filtered mesh designed to prevent airborne debris such as pollen, dust and insects entering and damaging HVAC equipment. They are easily cleaned from the back using a soft brush, hose or vacuum cleaner.
Air Intake Screens are designed to work in high volume air flow systems. They don’t impact on the performance of these systems – the specially engineered filter enables the equipment to operate with exceptionally low impact on static pressure.
And the results are spectacular. As well as maximising airflow to save energy, they also reduce maintenance time by up to 70%, extend the service life of equipment, reduce coil treatment and cleaning costs, cut cooling tower water treatment chemical requirement, and prolong internal air filter life by up to 60%.
But don’t take our word for it. ECEX Air Intake Screens are proven in action. Some of the customers we’ve worked with include RFU Twickenham Stadium, BBC HQ Broadcasting House, Westminster City Hall, University of Oxford, and many data centres and laboratory sites.

For information, advice or a quotation, contact ECEX on or 01635 244 100.