Huge Uptake In Nationwide Interest For ECEX Air Intake Screens

John Grenville, Managing Director of ECEX comments on the recent success of ECEX Air Intake Screens:

 “Since we returned to work in the New Year I’ve been amazed and delighted at the greatly increased uptake in interest and orders for this highly effective, money-saving product.
ECEX Air intake Screens are simply installed to protect chiller coils, AHU intake louvres and cooling towers from contamination by airborne debris. Easily cleaned, they will provide significant maintenance labour savings, energy savings and extend filter and plant life.
With dedicated sales and product specialists now on our team, Building Management teams, Chief Engineers and OEMs are really getting the message that installing ECEX Air Intake Screens to protect plant and reduce costs is a “must-have” investment.”

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Prevent clogging on HVAC equipment with ECEX Air Intake Screens