Is Your AC System Coping In The Heat?




As commuters struggle to work in the sweltering heat, the lucky ones who work in air conditioned offices look forward to a haven of cool. At least, that’s the way it will be if building managers and maintenance staff are on top of their game – ensuring the AC system working effectively and efficiently.

Ensuring the optimum performance of an AC system requires careful planning and that means making certain that every component of the system is operating at its best.

There are several ways that ECEX can help in this endeavour. Here are just two of them:

First, we offer ECEX Air Intake Screens – long lasting, weather resistant filters designed specifically for high velocity airflow applications such as chillers, dry air coolers, air handling units (AHUs), cooling towers and air conditioning units.

These pre-filters can be retrofitted to prevent airborne debris from clogging internal coil fins, perishable filters and other components. Any clogging caused by airborne debris restricts the movement of air, which means that plant has to work harder to draw in its required airflow, costing more money to run and increasing the risk of breakdown and downtime.

ECEX Air Intake Screens can be quickly installed to most HVAC plant as each one is individually made-to-measure for their respective applications. With long product warranties, these highly durable filters can be cleaned using a soft brush, hose or vacuum and significantly reduce onsite maintenance time and cleaning requirements.

Secondly, ECEX now offers an AHU refurbishment and repair service designed to extend the lifespan of existing AHUs, increase their operating efficiency, save energy, boost performance, and reduce running costs. The service covers the repair and replacement of all types of coils, belt drives, motors, fans, bearings and spares.

In many cases, refurbishment is less expensive than replacing an AHU and offers the opportunity to upgrade the existing specification by taking advantage of the latest energy efficient components.

It also minimises disruption by increasing installation flexibility, reduces downtime, overcomes the transport and access difficulties associated with replacing a unit, and is more environmentally friendly because it re-uses existing equipment such as ductwork, pipework and wiring.

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