Maintenance Made Manageable

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Fans, motors and ductwork are critical components in any HVAC system and you neglect them at your peril. Maintaining this equipment effectively not only improves productivity, but it also reduces the chance of disruptive and expensive breakdowns.

Maintenance is intrinsically linked to energy efficiency (and therefore lowers operating costs) in HVAC systems, and will inevitably result in a healthier bottom line. Indeed, maintenance is the best way to ensure cost-effective safety and energy efficiency in HVAC plant and equipment.

But the most compelling argument in favour of properly implemented maintenance is that it guarantees reliability. Reliability is like magic. Just about every business indicator – safety, environmental performance, morale, retention, customer service – gets better if you establish reliability as a core value of the organisation.

However, this only applies if the maintenance is conducted in a preventive rather than a reactive manner. There are, essentially, three types of maintenance:

ECEX can help with all three, but – in particular in terms of preventive maintenance – the company provides an outstanding maintenance and repair service for HVAC systems including the removal and repair/replacement of individual components.

Each part of a system contains facets that are prone to mechanical failure. By employing a large and diverse chain of specialist suppliers, ECEX can source, deliver and install quality replacements for almost any component required.

From realigning ductwork to the complete overhaul of an air handling unit, the company has experience in carrying out all kinds of projects associated with air movement. This includes maintaining louvres and grilles; air intake and extract fans; anti-vibration mounts; flexible duct connectors and ducting; filters, dampers and grilles; electric motors, and bearings and couplings.

Remember, the cost of a sound maintenance programme run by an industry expert like ECEX is absurdly low compared with the cost of dealing with, say, a catastrophic air handling unit failure or air conditioning system breakdown.

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