No More Clogged Filters – See For Yourself!

P1000096Now you can see for yourself the benefits of ECEX Air Intake Screens in an informative and educational video showing just how easy it is to install and maintain this technology. The video is available to view on our website homepage at
At a click of a button, the brief overview demonstrates real-life applications, such as the University of Oxford site, where Air Intake Screens are being used as an essential means of preventing filters and coils from clogging due to excess pollen, leaves and insects in the surrounding area.

Close-up images show the extent of the clogging and damage that can occur when the screens are not fitted; the video also features a live installation of ECEX Air Intake Screens, demonstrating just how quick and easy it is to mount the made-to-measure screens – using an ECEX expert or a member of your own personnel.

Further information is provided on the most popular fixing system (an aluminium channel-track mount system) suitable for any HVAC plant; as well as a demonstration on how the screens can be inspected and cleaned within minutes.

Key benefits include:
• Extending filter life by up to 60 per cent
• Reducing maintenance by up to 75 per cent
• Reducing coil treatment and cleaning costs
• Reducing energy consumption
• Reducing cooling tower water treatment chemical requirement

Why not see for yourself and take a few minutes to watch our video! If you think your organisation and HVAC equipment could benefit from this technology, call us for a free, no obligation quotation on 01635 244 100 or email Visit for our full range of products and services.