Product Value Vs Product Cost In Building Services Maintenance

scales-of-justiceI read a blog recently in which the writer bleated that he couldn’t understand why customers would choose a product that’s similar to his but at greater cost.

Maybe he should credit his customers with some intelligence? Customers charged with making purchasing decisions on behalf of their clients make their judgements based on BEST VALUE rather than cost alone. “Best Value” is defined as “the trade-off between price, quality and performance that provides the greatest overall benefit under the specified selection criteria”.

As with nearly every product, cheaper alternatives are available, but thankfully our customers in the building services maintenance sector inherently recognise what constitutes best value when comparing products pre-purchase. Suitability for purpose and return on investment are usually at the top of the list, along with factors such as clarity of information, experienced technical advice from the seller, product quality, robustness in use and service life, length of warranty, availability of bespoke options, speed of delivery, supplier reputation and the like. Other relevant application-essential or client-specific requirements then come into play – resistance to damage, fire, chemicals or UV degradation, sustainable sourcing, end-of-life recyclability and numerous other considerations.

Take, for example, the protection of critical HVAC equipment against the ingress of airborne debris. Sometimes site personnel try to achieve this ad-hoc by fitting proprietary filter media roll, fly screen mesh or netting at the air intake, but such products often cause a significant increase in static pressure and end up costing money in higher energy consumption, counteracting any perceived savings in maintenance – or else they are simply ineffectual.  Our own ECEX Air Intake Screens, which are designed to provide the optimal balance between free airflow and the entrapment of unwanted debris, represent a better value solution than the aforementioned alternatives. Engineered to a Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade, ECEX Air Intake Screens surpass other such products in the market on all the important quality, technical and commercial metrics, i.e. BEST VALUE!

So to the blogger with the quandary about why customers decide to buy from a supplier whose prices may sometimes be higher than yours: don’t patronise your customers, they’re more than capable of making their own value decisions!

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