Promising The Earth

ECEX_Blogpost_gogreen 2The climate deal reached at the COP21 talks in Paris has been hailed by US President Barack Obama as “the best chance we have to save the one planet we have”.

The Paris agreement aims to curb global warming to less than 2 deg C by the end of the century. To achieve this will mean leaving 90% of the world’s fossil fuels in the ground – a big ask in a world addicted to oil and gas. But, I would argue, not an impossible one.

Burning less fossil fuel will limit harmful carbon emissions and reduce the potentially devastating impact of global warming.

The starting gun was fired in Paris; now it’s time for us to run. But what does that actually mean in practice? I believe it means implementing a twin-track approach – a greater uptake of low carbon energy creation through renewables such as solar power and wind turbines, and an all-out assault on energy consumption.

The latter will certainly involve culture change. COP21 sounded the death knell for the climate change deniers, but that’s not enough on its own – all of us are going to have to play our part in reducing harmful emissions through our actions.

Technology will also have a huge part to play in limiting the release of greenhouse gases. Human ingenuity is such that there will undoubtedly be big developments in carbon capture equipment, fuel cells and, maybe, even fusion power in the coming months and years.

My own company, for example, supplies ECEX Air Intake Screens, long lasting, weather resistant filters designed specifically for high velocity airflow applications such as chillers, dry air coolers, air handling units, cooling towers and air conditioning units.

These screens prevent airborne particles and debris from entering into mechanical equipment. In this way, they extend filter life by up to 60%, ensure maximum efficiency of internal filters and prevent efficiency drops caused by clogging.

Independent research at Westminster City Hall in London has shown the screens save around 5% energy consumption. The trial also revealed that the payback on energy savings alone was just 13 months.

ECEX Air Intake Screens also help to increase laminar airflow by diffusing air more effectively, reducing the operating temperature and therefore the energy consumption.

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