Putting Safety First: Maintain Your Assets!

ECEX maintenancePlant and equipment are one of the biggest assets for any business, costing huge sums of money to replace when things go wrong. Without regular maintenance, however, business owners will see an increase in costly breakdowns, often incurring downtime and (significant) loss of earnings.
Maintenance is vital to prevent problems arising and making sure that equipment is working effectively, and at its optimum efficiency. It can be part of a planned programme or at short notice, but can incur non-routine activities putting operatives at risk in some instances.

Benefits of maintenance
• Plant and equipment will be more reliable
• Fewer breakdowns mean better productivity and efficiency
• Early diagnosis means risks can be managed

If maintenance needs to be carried out, here are some key pointers for maintaining safety:
• Ensure the work is undertaken by a competent person with appropriate skills, knowledge and experience
• Maintain plant and equipment regularly and as per the manufacturer’s instructions or guide
• Put procedures in place to report damaged or faulty equipment
• Provide the appropriate tools for maintenance
• Schedule maintenance to minimise risk
• Make sure maintenance is carried out preferably during downtime when the power is off or moving parts are isolated.

Put a planned maintenance programme into action today to make sure everyone is safe and any risks are reduced. Having the right access equipment will also go some way to maintaining high levels of safety; from cat ladders to roof edge guard railings we can help advise and specify bespoke equipment tailored to your businesses needs.
As experts in access safety and metalwork fabrication, we offer ‘FREE site access safety assessments‘ and quotations. For more information, click here.

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