Q&A With Steve Bell

Steve_Bell_ECEXSteve Bell is Manager for ECEX Air Intake Screens

How did you get into the air filtration business?
Prior to working for ECEX, I’ve held roles at a nationwide filter company, as well as running my own air conditioning business. I came across ECEX Air Intake Screens two years ago when I bought-in the product to supply to clients. In my previous job, I was spending two to three days a month dealing with the Air Intake Screens. I was struck with the benefits and potential of the screens then, so, when the position became available at ECEX, I jumped at the chance to help realise its market potential.

What are your aims for ECEX?
I’ve only been in the role for a short time, but already I can see how well received ECEX Air Intake Screens are and what a difference they make to the energy efficiency of HVAC systems (not to mention reduced maintenance times). There are many sectors still unaware of this product; in reality we are only touching the tip of the ice berg. I hope that I can help grow the business quickly – it’s an exciting product and I’m sure that once everyone knows how great ECEX Air Intake Screens really are, every building will have them!

When you’re not selling ECEX Air Intake Screens, what do you enjoy doing?
I am secretary of a Youth Football Leagues and have been for the last 14 years. The league covers 380 clubs; 6,000 boys and girls between the ages of seven and 16. When we started there were just two leagues and eight teams. I love football and used to play myself, which is how I got involved.

I also enjoy playing golf and have three children, one of whom we adopted from Sierra Leone – he’s now a professional football player. My other son is an actor and my daughter works in consultancy.

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