Extract Unit Replacement At Thomas Bennett Community College

ECEX replaced a extract unit serving the food technology class at Thomas Bennett Community College, Crawley.

The existing unit was mounted on the roof of the main college building, and the casework had suffered from extensive corrosion, as had the associated attenuators.

While the school was shut over the Easter Holidays, ECEX disconnected the old unit and attenuators and lifted it from the roof using a Hi-Ab lorry. A replacement extract fan (Estoc Powerbox from FlaktGroup) and attenuators were then lifted onto the roof, mounted on to a new support frame and connected to the existing ductwork.

Working on behalf of facilities management company, BAM FM, we also replaced the inverter and remote speed controller in the food tech office, allowing staff control of the extract speed.

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Before AHU refurbishment

After AHU refurbishment