Various Metalwork Fabrication Services: Royal Albert Hall


To carry out an in-depth Health and Safety survey of access around the roof and roof plant. ECEX were asked to offer our advice to the Royal Albert Hall and identified a number of areas which required improvement.

Where wooden structures had been installed, they were beginning to show the signs of environmental degradation. Where new chiller plant had been fitted, pipework and support steels were obstructing access for maintenance personnel. And where skylights had been installed, no edge protection was present on the potentially slippery surface.

Work carried out:

ECEX replaced and installed new stepover platforms, walkways and free-standing guardrail to the roof. Providing safe, long term solutions for the maintenance team so that the plant and roof can be accessed in confidence in years to come.

“Over the years, services and equipment sited on our flat roof had been altered, added to etc and although some obstructions had means of access to or around them, not all did.  I asked ECEX to survey our flat roof and design consistent solutions to ensure that there was safe access around the roof in general and to get to specific plant and equipment when it needed maintenance.  The solutions they came up with were effective and sturdy, properly protected from the elements and capable of adaptation should there be changes on the roof in the future.  They also designed methods of fixing to aviod the need to have fixings penetrate through the asphalt surface.   A superb job, well designed, manufactured and installed”

Royal Albert Hall Facilities Manager

Before photos

After photos