ECEX Air Intake Screens Applications

Where can ECEX Air Intake Screens be used?

Air Handling Units (AHUs) & intake louvres

Air handling units have perishable internal filtration systems for delivering good, clean air to a building’s occupants.

As airborne debris is drawn through the AHU onto the heating/frost coil, pre-filter media, panel filters or bag filters, the air pressure drops and the fan motor is required to work harder in order to achieve the correct airflow.

ECEX Air Intake Screens prevent pollen, leaves, insects and debris from being drawn into the system at the outset. Any build-up of debris can be quickly removed using a soft brush, garden hose or vacuum cleaner, significantly reducing maintenance time whilst protecting internal coils and filters.

Key benefits for AHUs

Chillers & dry air coolers

Chillers and dry air coolers generally have no means of protection from airborne debris. Cleaning the condenser coils is an extremely labour intensive process which often causes damage to the delicate fins.

An ECEX Air Intake Screen significantly reduces maintenance time and reduces risk of breakdowns, all by preventing the airborne debris from fouling the coils.

Key benefits for chillers & dry air coolers

Cooling towers

A cooling tower draws in extremely large volumes of air in order to achieve its requisite cooling. Without filtration, pollen, leaves, insects and refuse can be drawn into the system, clogging fill and strainer components and increasing the microbiological load.

The greater the volume of the debris within the system, the greater the water treatment chemical requirement to counteract the biological loading and the more maintenance time is required in order to remove sludge build-up.

Key benefits for cooling towers: