AHU & In Duct UV Disinfection

UV disinfection for ducts and coils

ECEX supplies and install BioZone air purification systems – CoilCare CC-X and In Duct – powerful disinfection solutions that harness UV light to prevent bacteria, viruses and organic growth from taking-hold of AHU surfaces.

Keeping coils and ducts clean and pathogen free improves cleanliness, airflow and energy efficiency, while contributing to good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – essential for occupant health and wellbeing.

Both solutions can be retrofitted to existing coils and duct work, instantly fighting airborne and surface microorganisms e.g bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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Improved filtration

Ensuring the cleanliness and efficiency of ventilation systems bringing fresh air into our work places is of ever increasing importance.  The filtration in the majority of air handling units, however, only targets particulates, with no way of keeping bacteria and viruses at bay.

BioZone’s air purification systems can be retro-fitted into existing ventilation units and instantly start fighting the bacteria that builds-up on ducts and cooling coil faces, dramatically reducing airborne organic growth throughout the entire HVAC system, thus improving IAQ.

Improved energy efficiency

As air is cooled passing across the AHU surfaces, condensation can create a bio-film.  This bio film is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and also reduces the efficiency of the AHU. By removing the bio-film, CoilCare CC-X and In Duct also restore thermal efficiency and improve air flow, enhancing the energy efficiency of the whole system.

ECEX is able to supply and install CoilCare CC-X and In Duct systems into most air handling units – the perfect accompaniament to our AHU refurbishment services. 

Once installed, these solutions are inexpensive to run and virtually maintenance free.

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Click here to download our CoilCare CC-X leaflet.

Click here to download our In Duct leaflet.