Fire Stopping

ECEX offers a range of passive structural fire protection solutions, including:

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What is fire stopping?

Mechanical and electrical services, by necessity, breach compartment walls and floors, often allowing failure of integrity and insulation to occur where gaps around services have not been adequately fire stopped.

Fire stopping involves sealing of gaps and openings to prevent fire, heat and smoke passing from one building compartment to another. However, the often complex and difficult nature of access and design to maintain the fire integrity around electrical and mechanical services where they penetrate compartment walls, or pass through floors, mean special skills are required when services such as ductwork and cables penetrate compartment walls.

Fire stopping services

Our experienced specialist will conduct a detailed site survey followed by a full report and quotation, including advice and recommendations concerning materials, design and specification, together with costs.

As well as offering a full site installation service, we can provide contract-specific FIRAS certification of the works.

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