Plate Heat Exchanger Installation, Servicing & Support

ECEX offers technical expertise on all aspects of heat exchangers (PHEs), supplying the comprehensive service and support of flat plate heat exchangers, including accessories, loan packs, and certification of heat exchanger plates.

We offer flexibility to suit customer requirements in regards to PHE servicing, including cleaning, hole detection, reconditioning or replacement where necessary.

Working with leading manufacturer, Thermo Logistics, ECEX delivers PHE services to a range of commercial applications, including hospitals, industrial and manufacturing processes, district heating systems and swimming pools.

What types of heat exchangers can ECEX supply?

ECEX supplies flat plate heat exchangers (FPHEs) constructed from a series of corrugated metal plates stacked one after another and housed within a large frame. Hot and cold (usually) liquid or (sometimes) gas are passed between the plates.

Each plate has an alternating gasket pattern to allow the hot medium and cold medium to alternate throughout. Heat is transferred from one side of the plate to the other, thereby removing heat from the hot medium.

Benefits of flat plate heat exchangers

The corrugated plate gives the FPHE a larger contact surface area than a traditional shell & tube heat exchanger of similar size; this increases the heat transfer rate and makes a heat exchanger more efficient.

On top of this, the corrugated plate is stiffer than a flat version, so a thinner plate can be used which offers a higher heat transfer rate. The corrugations create a turbulent flow which prevents deposits forming under the plate, while breaking down the boundary layer of liquids that may accumulate on a surface.

Overall, FPHEs are smaller, lighter, and more efficient than the shell & tube alternative. Moreover, they are simple to disassemble, making them particularly easy to clean and maintain; and they don’t need access space to dismantle.

Should a defect be discovered, the plate can be removed, and the FPHE can be returned to service at a marginally lower capacity until a replacement is installed.

Plate heat exchanger applications

Applications for PHEs are many and varied, including for supplying domestic hot water and swimming pools, and heat for industrial processes. They are also found in district heating and cooling schemes, in thermal ice storage systems, and for waste heat recovery.

One of their most effective applications is in the healthcare sector. Here, they can provide reliable hot water to facilitate everything from hand washing and bathing through to laboratory functions and janitorial facilities.

PHEs can also help guard against pathogens. A big risk in hospitals and other healthcare facilities is legionnaire’s disease a rare form of pneumonia) which can thrive in stored water. There is no need for stored hot water with a PHE, reducing the risk of a legionnaires’ disease outbreak.

Our client base range from universities, hospitals, & power stations to food manufacturing and the chemicals industry.

ECEX installs and maintains plate heat exchangers as part of its mechanical engineering services. For more information, click here.