Partner Services

What are ECEX Network Partner services?

The use of a third party specialist to assist ECEX in the safe completion of any project.

How does this benefit the client?

ECEX are a known and trusted bona-fide contractor. When running a multi-trade job the coordination of each trade is passed to ECEX for management. A single purchase order can be issued to ECEX and administration time/cost is reduced. Ownership of  the job is with one company and you have a single point of contact in the event of any problems.

Surely that will cost me money?

Due to the agreements and the volume of work we give to our network partners, our price will be usually the same or less than the firm would have quoted you directly.

Some examples of ECEX Network Partner services:

  • Fire stopping
  • Roped access and abseil
  • Diamond and core drilling
  • Noise control
  • Freeze isolation
  • Dust and LEV Systems
  • Air and water commissioning
  • Safety valve repairs