Seven Simple Steps To The Perfect Customer Survey

ECEX_Social-Survey_Blog-postEmail surveys are a great way to gain valuable insight into your customers’ perceptions and opinions. Offering better services is all about understanding and reacting to your customers’ unique needs as individuals, and asking the right questions is right at the heart of that goal.

To help make it happen, our experts have identified seven key elements to creating an effective online questionnaire:

1. Decide your objectives and define your target audience

What do you want your customer service survey to achieve? Are you keen to find out how your customers think you compare to your competitors? Or whether your customers feel like you offer value and quality, or something else? Start by summing up what you want to discover, why and from whom.

2. Choose an online survey tool

There are several online tools that can help you create a customer service questionnaire, including SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, KwikSurveys, SmartSurvey and KeySurvey. Take the time to check out their features and choose the one best suited to your goals.

3. Draw up a list of clear questions

Confirm that each question meets the objectives you defined in step 1, and ensure you:

4. Check and test the survey

Before you release your survey, check it for accuracy. If you wrote it yourself, it’s worth asking a colleague to proofread for you, before testing on a few of your target audience.

5. Write a compelling subject line and covering message

Next, it’s time to write an email invitation to encourage participation in the survey.

The subject line is crucial because it’s the first – and potentially only – thing your audience will see. So tell the recipients that you’d like their help with a survey in a persuasive way. For example: ‘Take our short survey and win a gift card’, or ‘Three minutes of your time will help us to help you.’

If you’re able to, offer the opportunity for survey recipients to win a prize such as a gift card, camera or iPad.

6. Consider sending out a reminder

Past experience among a number of survey providers suggests that sending a reminder about your questionnaire – say, a week after the initial invitation – can boost response rates significantly.

7. Make use of the results

Ensure you act upon the results of your survey questionnaire in a positive and constructive way.

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